Tło Beskid Sądecki

Poprad Landscape Park

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Location and size. Poprad Landscape Park is one of the oldest landscape parks in the Carpathian Mountains. It was established by the resolution of the Provincial National Council in Nowy Sącz of 11 September 1987. It extends in the Beskid Sądecki region with its two ranges (Radziejowa and Jaworzyna Krynicka) and also includes part of the Czerchowskie Mountains located within Polish borders. The total area of ​​the Park is 54,392.7 ha, around 70% of the area are forests (of which 20% are non-state forests). The Poprad Landscape Park is one of the richest in nature and the most beautiful landscapes of Poland. The richness of the park are beautiful forest landscapes and an abundance of mineral waters. It is because of the landscapes that this one of the largest nature parks was created. The landscape consists of: relief, animated nature, transformed nature, human hand, watercourses, but also light and even smell. The Beskid Sądecki is unique in this respect.


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